What's New

What's New

Here is a log of the latest updates, changes, and additions to this Jackson County ILGenWeb site.

2017-Apr-15 Added a few more obituaries and some births
2017-Feb-22 Added a few more 1894 biographies
2017-Jan-22 Reformated website
2017-Jan-17 Thanks to Deborah Piquard, corrected spellings of Piquard in St. Andrews cemetery listing

2016-Dec-24 Added 1894 Historical Review extractions and link
2016-Nov-26 Added Civil War illegal arrest of Israel Blanchard
2016-Nov-06 Added Feezor, Rose, Taylor, and Trovillion biographies
2016-Oct-07 Added list of Emancipation and Servitude records
2016-Sep-22 Added more 1894 biographies
2016-Aug-21 Added school history resource and extraction
2016-Jul-23 Restored Tower Grove cemetery
2016-Jun-19 Restored postcard, photo, and Kimmel family photo
2016-May-15 Added biography of Rev. Robert Reid
2016-Apr-19 Added biography of Samuel Rees
2016-Mar-31 Added off-site Digital Public Library of America resource
2016-Feb-21 Thanks to Cheryl Rothwell, added Primitive Baptist Church resource links
2016-Jan-30 Added Revolutionary War extraction

2015-Dec-27 Restored some Ava and Easterly files
2015-Sep-06 Added a few obituaries and newspaper tidbits
2015-Aug-22 Added more 1912 History of Southern IL excerpts
2015-Jul-03 Added more 1894 biographies
2015-May-13 Added Snyder and Beshears family charts
2015-Feb-08 Added some pictures
2015-Jan-31 Added some military lists

2014-Nov-24 Added some St Andrew's cemetery info
2014-Jul-04 Added 1916-1950 deaths, 1912 history excerpts, and more 1894 bios
2014-Jun-30 Added more 1894 biographies and links to census at FamilySearch site
2014-May-23 Added marriages
2014-May-11 Added a variety
2014-May-10 Thanks to Lynn Tooley, added 1850 Mortality Schedule images
2014-Apr-15 New County Coordinator, Norma Hass, implemented new design courtesy of veteran GenWeb coordinator Marsha Bryant of Templates in Time

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