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Van & Eliza (Crawshaw) Davis' Bible


J or I, Van Davis son of Eliphas Davis son of Van Davis was born the 5th or 6th day of October AD 1808
Eliza, my wife, was born the 6th day of March 1817
Jane Davis daughter of Van and Eliza Davis was born the night of the 2nd day of October AD 1836
Gracy Davis was born Sunday by sunup June 17th 1838
Samuel Davis was born Tuesday 2 o'clock pm the 13th day of August AD 1839
Joseph Davis was born Friday Sept 3 1/4 past 2 o'clock in the morn AD 1841
Mary Ann Davis was born Friday hours by AM Sept the 22nd AD 1843
Eliphas Davis was born Sat the 23rd day of Aug, 1 o'clock pm AD 1845
Van Crawshaw Davis was born the 12th day of Oct Tuesday at sunset in the year of our Lord 1847
Daniel Davis was born July the 11th Wed. 1/2 past 11 o'clock pm AD 1849
Eliza Crawshaw Davis was born Sat night about midnight the 17th day o May AD 1851
Elizabeth Davis was born Saturday 35 minutes after 1 o'clock pm Jan 14th AD 1854
Joshua Dial Crawshaw Davis was born the 30the day of Dec. AD 1855
Fanny Davis was born on the 7th day of May Friday 1/4 to 7 o'clock pm AD 1858
Hannah Davis was born the 26th day of December the first hour in the morning AD 1859
Pete Freeman Son of Jacob and Gracy Freeman was born the 27th day of Cotober AD 1855
Van Freeman was born the 5th day of Sept AD 1857
Laura Bunlison was born the 19th Day o October AD 1860
Joseph Davis son of Samuel and Elizabeth Davis was born the 30th day of Sept in the year of our Lord 1861
Orphy Dood Bunlison was born the 18th day of Dec AD 1862
William Samuel Davis was born the 24th day of uly AD 1864
Joseph Samuel Bunlison was born the 11th day of Aug AD 1866
Rufus son of Jane and James V. Crowell was born the 14th day of March AD 1852
Van Crowell was born the 11th day of Sept AD 1854
Benjamin holden Crowell was born the 13th day of Nov AD 1856
Daniel -ampoy Davis was born the 27th day of Jan 1868
George Titus Davis sone of Samuel and Eliabeth Davis was born on the 4th AD 1871
Mary Ann Daughter of Titus and Mary Crawshaw was born the 29th day of Dec 1857
Thomas Crawshaw was born April the 6th 1849
Elizabeth Crawshaw was born May the 7th 1851
Samuel Calvin Crawshaw was born J-- 11 1879
Thomas Hillary Crawshaw was born Sept the 6th 1874


Rufus Crowell died the 10th of Sept 1856
Peter Freeman died the 17th of Nov AD 1855
Jacob Freeman Husband of Gracy Freeman died the 27th of Nov 1857
Van Crowell died Juy 30 1860
Joseph Davis died the 6th day of Sept in the year of our Lord 1861
Elizabeth Davis died the 4th day of Dec 1861
Mary Ann Davis died the 21st day of Jan 1862
Van Davis died the 8th day of Dec in the year of our lord 1868
Fanny Davis died March 14th 1882
Samuel Davis died March the 6th 1885
Eliza Davis died June 15th 1900 (Mrs. Van Davis)
Thad-- Thomas Crawshaw died May 19th 1874
Thomas Hillary Crawshaw died October the 30th 1875


A record of J (or I) Van Daavis son of Eliphas Davis who was the son of Van Davis was married to Eliza Crawshaw Daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Crawshaw the 27th Day of August AD 1835

Jane Davis Daughter of Van and Eliza Davis was married to James V. Crowell the 18th day of March 1852

Gracy Davis was married to Jacob Reeman the 14th Day of January AD 1855. She was also married after the death of her first husband to Orphry Bunlison the 20th of March AD 1859

Samuel Davis was married to Elizabeth Davis the 2nd day of October AD 1859

Van Crawshaw Davis was married to Frances Gertman August 15 1877

Joshua D. C. Davis and Malinda E. Wilson was married Nov 18th 1877

Joshua D.C. & Malinda Davis' Bible

Joshua Dial Crawshaw Davis and Malinda E. Wilson was married November 18, 1877
Ida Louisa Davis born Sept 18, 1878
Flora and Gracy Luvenie Davis born Nov 10 1879
Ade Louisa Davis was born Aug 8, 1881
Fredonie Eveline Davis born Nov 12, 1882 died Mar 23 1899
Charley Chester Davis born Aug 18, 1884
Ophus Wilson Davis born Oct 4, 1886
Thadion Eliphas Davis born Dec 4, 1889 died Sept 8, 1964
Athra Dell Davis born Sept 5, 1892 died Nov 1, 1968
Twin Flora Davis died Nov 28, 1897
Twin Gracy Luvenie died Dec 6, 1879
Ada Louise Davis died Jan 23, 1882
Ida Louisa Spencer died Sept 7, 1894
Fredonia Eveline Davis died March 23, 1899
Malinda Eveline Wilson Davis wife of Joshua died Oct 7, 1926
Joshua D. C. Davis died Oct 7, 1934
Charley Chester Davis died Dec 3, 1933

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