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Biography - Daniel Doty

DANIEL M. DOTY. Though several years have come and gone since this gentleman passed away, his memory as a sincere friend and loyal citizen is still as fresh in the hearts of his associates as in the days gone by and will be perpetuated in the affection and regard of posterity. During the entire period of his residence in Jackson County he displayed an unceasing interest in the welfare of his fellow-citizens and did all in his power to advance their material prosperity. Especially was he intimately associated with the history of Vergennes Township, which for a time was his home, and in which he achieved his highest successes.

A native of Jackson County, Ill., our subject was born here. January 29, 1834, and was a son of William Doty, of whom further mention is made upon another page of this volume. In his youth he received such advantages as were offered by the neighboring schools, but his education was largely secured by personal investigation and private study. From childhood days he was interested in farming, and it was natural that upon choosing a life occupation he selected the vocation of an agriculturist. Succeeding years proved the wisdom of his choice.

November 18, 1863, Mr. Doty was united in marriage with Miss Margaret G., daughter of Charles and Jane (McMurray) Blacklock, all natives of Scotland, and early settlers of Jackson County, having come here in the '50s. She is one in a family of four surviving children, the others being David A., who lives in Levan Township, Jackson County; Thomas, a resident of Keokuk, Iowa; and Robert B., of Somerset Township. Mr. and Mrs. Doty became the parents of seven children, four of whom are now living, viz.: Charles M., James T., Agnes and Robert B.

At the age of about fifty years, before the energy of manhood had become enervated by the infirmities of old age, Mr. Dot}y was called from earth. His demise occurred June 26, 1884, and was mourned not only by his immediate relatives, but also by the people throughout the county, for he was a kind neighbor, a generous and self-sacrificing friend and capable man. While he had not been actively identified with politics, he nevertheless adhered with ardor to the principles of the Democratic party, and never lost an opportunity to cast his ballot for the nominees of that political organization.

So successful had Mr. Doty been in his agricultural pursuits that at his death he left an estate comprising more than three hundred acres of land. Upon this homestead his widow has continued to make her home, superintending the management of the farm with such skill and efficiency that its value has been increased by the addition of substantial improvements. In her religious belief she is identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church, to which she contributes systematically, and in the work of which she is actively interested.

Extracted from Portrait and Biographical Record of Randolph, Jackson, Perry and Monroe Counties, Illinois, published in 1894, page 372.

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