Jackson County

Rev. Robert Reid

REV. ROBERT REID, a retired Presbyterian minister, living at Saline Mines, Ill., is a native of Scotland, having- been born at Paisley, Nov. 6, 1822. His father, whose name was also Robert, was born in 1799. In early life he was for a time engaged in the manufacture of shawls for which Paisley is noted all over the world, but the greater part of his life he followed the occupation of mining. He married Ann Wiley and in 1839 they left Scotland for America. They first settled in Nova Scotia, where they lived until 1842, when they came to the United States. They lived in Pennsylvania until 1850, then removed to Maryland, where the father died and the widow came with her family soon afterward to Gallatin county, Ill. Of their ten children Anna and the subject of this sketch, both living at Saline Mines, are the only survivors. Rev. Robert Reid received the greater part of his schooling in the common schools of his native land. At the age of twenty-eight he married Elizabeth Campbell, a native of Scotland, who came over on the same ship with him in 1839, being at that time but eight years of age, and afterward removing to Maryland about the same time he did. They began their wedded life at Minersville, Pa., where he was employed in the mines. Later they removed to Maryland, and in 1854 to Gallatin county. Mr. Reid took charge of the mines for the Saline Coal Company, and settled at Saline Mines, in which locality he has ever since lived. He continued as superintendent of the mines until 1859, when he engaged in mercantile pursuits. This business he carried on for about fifteen years, though he was also interested in mining operations most of the time, either in connection with the Saline Coal Company or the Martha Iron and Furnace Company, of Gallatin and Hardin counties. He is still associated with the Saline Coal Company. In addition to his interests in the mines he owns about 160 acres of land near Saline Mines, which for years he has managed. In 1856 he took up the work of the ministry, having been an elder in the Presbyterian church for some time previously, and since 1884 he has devoted most of his time to the church, preaching at Equality, Harrisburg, Saline Mines and for other churches. Mr. Reid is a Republican in politics, and in his earlier years took an active interest in public affairs. He has served as justice of the peace and has been identified with many movements for the up-building of the community in which he lives. He and his wife had the following children: Agnes, now Mrs. Hamilton, of Victor, Col.; Wiley, living at Carbondale, Ill.; Walter, who lives at Danville in the same state; George, deceased; Dent (see sketch); Thomas, now in Oklahoma; Bessie, at home; May (deceased); Millie, now Mrs. Wiederhold, of Gallatin county; Clara, at home; William (deceased); Robert (deceased). The mother of these children died in January, 1894. In the spring of 1904 Mr. Reid met with an accident that disabled him to such an extent that he has been compelled to forego the active work of the ministry, though he still preaches at times. He has a large circle of acquaintances, with all of whom he is popular, and who esteem him for his many good qualities of both mind and heart.

Extracted 2016 May 15 by Norma Hass from Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley, Personal and Genealogical with Portraits, published in 1905, Volume 2, page 309

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