Jackson County


There are many organizations working to document graves. A favorite site is Find-A-Grave, which has a lot to offer, including photos and family relationships.

If you know of any additional cemeteries in Jackson county, please don't hesitate to let us know. We welcome any information you might have about any of the cemeteries and the people buried in them.

Allen Farm (aka Hilton Farm) in Makanda Township
Allen-Davis (aka Doolin) in Murphysboro
Allyn Grove in Vergennes
Asbery/Ledbetter in Kinkaid Township
Ava Evergreen (aka Evergreen) in Ava

Barrow in Bradley Township
Bartlett in Ava or Levan Township
Barton in Grand Tower
Beasley in De Soto Township
Birkner in Ora Township
Boon in Gorham, Sand Ridge Township
Boone in Fountain Bluff Township
Boren in Carbondale
Boskydell (aka New Stearns) in Makanda Township
Bostick in Murphysboro Township
Boucher in Somerset Township
Bower in Kincaid Township
Bowyer in Carbondale
Brownsville in Murphysboro
Buchanan in Cora, Degognia Township
Buckles in Carbondale
Bumpus in Elkville
Burk’s Island

Calvary in Campbell Hill, Bradley Township
Camp Creek
Campbell in De Soto
Carbondale Shawnee Amish in Murphysboro
Central (aka Crews) in DeSoto Township
Cheatham in Ava, Bradley Township
Cholera in Elkville
Christ Lutheran in Jacob
Conner in Pomona
Crab Orchard (aka Hiller-Crab Orchard) in Carbondale
Crain in Kinkaid Township
Crawshaw (aka Hiller-Crab Orchard) in Carbondale
Creath Morris in Sand Ridge Township
Creek Paum in Ora Township
Crews (aka Central) in De Soto Township
Crow in Vergennes

Davis in Dowell, Elk Township
DeSoto in DeSoto Township
Dillinger in Carbondale Township
Ditzler in Ora Township
Doolin in Murphysboro
Dry Hill
Dutch Hill in Elk Township
Dutch Ridge Missionary Baptist Church in Pomona Township

Elkville in Elk Township
Elliott in Makanda
Etherton in Pomona Township
Etherton Homestead in Murphysboro
Evergreen in Ava, Bradley Township
Evergreen in Makanda Township

Fairview Christian Church in Murphysboro
Forbes Graves

Gill in Elkville, Elk Township
Goodbread in Fountain Bluff Township
Goodbread in Gorham, Sand Ridge Township
Goodbread in Grand Tower Township
Graff in Ora Township
Greenridge in Carbondale
Greer in Elk Township
Gregory-Minton in Pomona
Grubb House

Haehnlein in Raddle
Hagler in Pomona Township
Hall in Murphysboro Township
Harrison in Murphysboro
Henson in Grand Tower Township
Hiller-Crab Orchard in Carbondale, Murphysboro Township
Hilton in Makanda Township
Holliday Farm in Murphysboro
Hood Grave in Elk Township
Houge in Jones Ridge, Degognia Township
Howard in Hurst, DeSoto Township
Hudson in Grand Tower Township

Imhoff in Murphysboro
Immanuel Lutheran in Campbell Hill
Indian Hill in DeSoto Township
Isom in Degognia Township

Jackson County Poor Farm in Carbondale
Johnson in Makanda
Johnson in Ava
Jones in Kincaid Township
Joubert in Ora Township

Keeling in DeSoto
Kimmel #1 (aka Elkville)
Kimmel #2 (aka Zion Lutheran Church) in Murphysboro
King in Ava or Ora Township
Knight Family Cemetery in Levan Township, Section 3
Knouff in Elkville
Koehn in Bradley Township
Kross in Bradley Township

Ledbetter in Kincaid Township
Lee in Kincaid Township
Lipe in Makanda Township
Lirely (aka Rowan) in Makanda Township
Lone Oak in Levan Township
Looney Springs in Campbell Hill, Bradley Township
Lutheran in Somerset Township

Marshall Graves
McBride in Kincaid Township
McCormick in Kincaid Township
Meyers in Carbondale
Mill Creek
Modglin in Ava, Bradley Township
Morris in Grimsby
Mount Carbon in Murphysboro Township
Mount Joy in Murphysboro
Mount Pleasant Jerusalem in Pomona Township
Mount Pleasant Memorial in Murphysboro Township
Murdale Gardens of Memory in Murphysboro Township
Murphysboro City in Murphysboro Township

Nausley in Elk Township
Neunert (aka Christ Lutheran Church) in Jacob, Fountain Bluff Township
New Hill (aka Mount Carbon) in Murphysboro
North County Line in Carbondale Township

Oakland in Carbondale Township
Old Vergennes in Vergennes

Parrish in Vergennes, in Vergennes Township
Pate in Murphysboro
Pate in Murphysboro
Patrick in Makanda Township
Patterson (aka Zimmerman) in Makanda Township
Phineas Hall
Pleasant Grove Memorial Park in Murphysboro Township
Pleasant Hill Christian Church in Murphysboro
Poplar Ridge in Murphysboro Township
Post Oak (aka Saint John Lutheran) in Campbell Hill


Raymond Nausley Farm
Rees in Elk Township
Reese (aka Hallidayboro)
Reiman Farm in Ava
Rendleman (aka Stone Fort) in Makanda Township
Reynolds in Murphysboro
Ripley in Somerset Township
Roberts Farm
Rogers Family in Bradley Township
Roland Graves in De Soto
Rowan-Lirely in Makanda Township
Rude in De Soto
Russian Orthodox in Elkville, Elk Township

Saint Andrews Catholic  A-D  E-K  L-R  S-Z  in Murphysboro Township
Saint John in Campbell Hill
Saint Lukes Lutheran in Campbell Hill, Bradley Township
Saint Peters Lutheran in Campbell Hill, Bradley Township
Schwartz in Makanda Township
Seyferth in Ora Township
Sheppard-Johnson in Makanda Township
Snider Hill in Carbondale Township
South County Line (aka Thetford) in Makanda Township
Spence in Pomona
Stearns in Makanda or Pomona Township
Sugar Hill in Ava
Sunset Haven (aka Jackson County Poor Farm) in Carbondale

Talbott (aka Wright)  in Kincaid Township
Tower Grove in Murphysboro Township
Tuthill in Vergennes Township

Underwood in Ora Township
Union Hills in Makanda Township

Walker Hill in Grand Tower Township
Walnut Hill in Murphysboro
Widdows Farm in Carbondale
Wilkins in Makanda Township
Williamson in Ora Township
Wilson in Ava or in Kincaid Township
Winchester East in Carbondale Township
Winchester West in Carbondale Township
Wiseman Family
Woodlawn in Carbondale Township
Worthen in Murphysboro Township
Wright-Talbott (aka Wright)

Ziegler (aka Immanuel Lutheran)
Zimmerman (aka Patterson) in Makanda Township
Zion in Campbell Hill
Zion in Somerset Township
Zion Lutheran Church in Murphysboro
Zion Methodist in Carbondale

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