Mortality Schedules
Daniel Will, David Holliday, Josiah Will, Henry Etherton, Peter Carroll, Edward Stephenson, Margaret Doren, Edward Humphrey, James Smith, Rosa Kimmell, Catharine Henderson, John Bincher, Mary Griffin, Lucius Swetland, Caroline Swetland, DeBurton Swetland, James Brown, George Arnold, William Henson, Jefferson Sorrels, Elisabeth Wright, Moses Chandler, Joseph Henson, John Henson, Barbara Mitchell, Polly Henson, Jane Davis, Charles Smith, Wm, Jordan, John Herring, James Fleming, Thomas Keaton, Bart Arnold, Samura Booth, William Lock
Mary Burris, Jane Garrett, Jane Hudson, Edward Brewer, David Wright, nancy Dean, Eliza Brewer, Mary Steel, Samuel Ward, John Jenkins, Mary Glen, Lydia Cook, ISam Cook, Mary ____, David Smith, Jane Tudor, Thomas McLaughlin, Mary Hall, Hannah Crocker, Mary Albert, John Brown, Patrick McBride, Elisabeth Harris, Mary Bowlby, Wm Garner
Warren Glenn, Martha Bowyer, John ___ton, Calvin Quene, Francis Rasill, James Sharp, Daniel Gregory, Richard _th, Jonathan Lee, Cicero Slavins, James Slavins, Henry Riger, Pernice Roadshaw, Daniel Reeves, Margaret Doren, Charles Floyd, Thomas Eakin, Naomi Philips, WIlliam Lindsay, Harvey Bryant, Mahala Lindsay

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All of the census records are available free online at Archive.org. You can read and even download the massive files.

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