Jackson County

Baptist Church Notes

By John A. McCluer
Resident and Ordained Minister in Jackson County, Illinois

Page 1 - Scriptures
Page 2 - Duties of the Elders
Page 3 - Moses made a Serpent to the Elders
Page 4 - Mark 8:38
Page 5 - Passage referring to the Elders
Page 6 - Economy
Page 7 - Gospel Invitations
Page 8 - Transfiguration of Christ
Page 9 - Promises for the answers of prayers
Page 10 - Oneness of Father and Son
Page 11 - Commands of Jesus
Page 12 - Luke 13:14
Page 13 - Gain the World and Lose His Soul
Page 14 - Isaiah 30:1
Page 15 - 11 a.m. at Fairview Schoolhouse, Nov the 17 AD 1878
Elder Mert (?Merrit?) preached from part of the 5th verse "And who is willing to consecrate his service his service this day unto the Lord?"
Page 16 - 11 Cor. 5:20, Mark 10:46
Page 17 - II Thes. 3:14
Page 18 - Blind Bartimaius Mark 10:46
Page 19 - Psalms LXI:1-2 The latter part of the second verse was used as text by Elder Monger at Murphysboro on the evening of Dec fourth AD 1879
Page 20 - Murphysboro Jan 18 1880 Elder Burnard Reeves preached from John XI-25 In the evening he preached from Psalms and after preaching baptized five candidates, one the wife of (I or J?) Grubbs who was hostile and before baptism took Elder Reeves aside and told him if he baptized his wife he might take her and take care of her.
Page 21 - Murphysboro Feb 8, 1880 Read John XVII. At night read part of the 29 Chapt to 1 Chron. for Introduction
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Dec 6 1889 Attended a funeral preached by Elder Rowalk.
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Sally Eakin - Born Sep. 30, 1811, united with the Christian Church about 1836. Was married to Jacob Imhoff May 25, 1830. With who she lived til Oct 31, 1852, when again she was left alone by Death.

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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Levan Township Jackson County Illinois

Aug 19, 1877 Hugh ?
Aug 19, 1877 Henry T. Rhodes
Aug 19, 1877 Cynthia A. Derickson
Aug 19, 1877 David N. McCluer
Aug 19, 1877 Almetha Ruman
Aug 19, 1877 Priscilla Levan
Sep 9, 1877 Freeman King and Wife
Sep 9, 1877 Mrs. Furguson
Sep 9, 1877 N. Cryley
Sep 9, 1877 Mary Thompson
Sep 9, 1877 Lurissa Whisler

Center Baptist Church, Cherokee County, Kansas

[Note: John A. McCluer visited this church as his son Thomas N. McCluer among other relatives attend there and lived in the area.]

Feb 27, 1887 Ida Tair
Feb 27, 1887 John A. Duncan
Feb 27, 1887 Clara Holliday
Feb 27, 1887 Ruth Holliday
Dec 1888 Mary J. McCluer (note: daughter-in-law of J.A. McCluer)

Saturday before the fourth Sunday in Oct 1879 attended a meeting at the ElkPrairie Church in Jackson Co Ill. and by his urgent request I stayed til Oct 31 - had a good meeting and closed with deep interest.
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Letters of Promise

"The Pleasant Hill Baptist Church To The Center Baptist Church

Dear Brethen, This is to certify that our beloved brother Henry T. Rhodes and Cynthia A. Rhodes his wife are members in good standing and full fellowship with us, And at their own request are hereby dismissed for the purpose of uniting with you. When they have so united, and you so notify us their connection with us will cease."
Done by the order of Church, at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Jackson
County, Illinois, October 26, 1873.
John A. McCluer, Moderator
K??n??r Gre?, Secretary

Contributed by James W. McCluer