Jackson County

2019 Queries

2019 Nov 21

Hello, can anyone give me any history or info about the Campbell cemetery in Jackson county Illinois,I have an ancestor a civil war vet buried at that cemetery along with his wife and other civil war vets buried there, 8 yrs ago while doing genealogy,i found my ancestor listed as being buried at that cemetery,there was no way to visit that cemetery,i had to find the property owner that had purchased the land that the cemetery was on,i was taken to the cemetery by way of a 4 wheeler,the cemetery was a shambles but i found my ancestor,the relative to the land owner said they did away with the access road that had existed to the cemetery,i thought those roads had to remain for access to the cemetery,i would like to know the history of that cemetery and if there were any agencies or organizations that could help to see if that access to that cemetery should be reinstated,any help with the history of that cemetery would be appreciated,thank you for your time.
Stephen Cutler stephen.r.cutler@gmail.com

2019 May 29

I am trying to find my 2nd great grandparents. He was a CANNON and she was a CROW. I have DNA connection to Abraham, William, and Jesse CROW. In 1850 Census I also know that 2nd great grandfather sister married the son of Jesse CROW and her sister Lorene lived with them in 1850 Census. The 1865 Illinois Census lists a head of house as A. CANNON. The only male in that Census was my Great Grandfather William Benjamin CANNON. If we could determine the owner of the property in 1865 Census we might find my 2nd great grandfather name.

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